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The bones seem to represent one individual, dated to 1.8 mya and called .The find is especially important because of the limbs, which show that OH 62 was a very small hominin.Finally, to triple check our work and ensure that the dating results were reproducible, we sent replicate samples to different labs to independently, or "blind", date each of the different samples. The age of Homo naledi and associated sediments in the Rising Star Cave, South Africa.As a result, we now confidently know that was first announced, a research team (4) suggested that the individuals could have been placed or disposed of in the chamber on purpose; leading to speculation that this species may have been capable of symbolic behavior and have had access to the controlled use of fire for light. (3) Berger LR, Hawks J, de Ruiter DJ, Churchill SE, Schmid P, Delezene LK, et al. The arm is long relative to the leg, resulting in body proportions that differ dramatically from those of more-modern hominins.One of the more-important 21st-century discoveries included a mandible found at the Ledi-Geraru research site in Ethiopia’s Awash River valley in 2013, which could be the oldest known specimen attributed to American anthropologist Brian A.

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The former, which is most of a cranium, is smaller than ER 1470 and resembles OH 13 in many details, including tooth size and morphology. Although the braincase of ER 1805 is close to 600 cc (36.6 cubic inches) in volume and is thus expanded moderately beyond the size expected in , a bony crest runs along the top of the skull.

We have also announced the discovery of a second chamber (the Lesedi Chamber) deep in the Rising Star Cave, containing an additional 133 fossils were originally presented (3, 4) without a date, as their geologic setting (the location where the fossils have been found) was not favorable for traditional fossil dating approaches, such as dating volcanic ash layers.