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26-Aug-2020 11:18

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Of course, this redirects you to a new page and you have to start all over.

Eventually, you figure it out and delete your account, but if you pay attention there is all sorts of subtle trickery on the site to try to get you to click wrong buttons.

Also, they seem to point you at potential dating partners in cities in different states than you are.

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I'm really pissed they charged me 59.99 EUR and I probably have no way of getting it back. I will file chargeback process on my card provider to see if they can cancel this. EDIT: Scammers got back with nonsense explanation: Hello, Thank you for contacting us.You can't delete your account because in order to do that, you first have to access your account page, but the geniuses who designed this site decided to redirect you from the account page every time you attempt to access it and send you to the verification page... In other words; they let you sign up and don't give you any way to delete your account.

And did they have any problems trying to withdraw from drugs?… continue reading »

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Ladies can discover hunky and handsome guys across our free cams who want to fulfill your every desire.… continue reading »

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If you want to find models with more precision, clicking on one of the category tabs will narrow it down for you.… continue reading »

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They say they are in their 20’s and start sending nudes. Then a number messages you, claiming to be a parent. The point of this scam is to try to get people to pay money to not have whatever pics were sent released or charges pressed.… continue reading »

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