How to just be friends after dating

28-Aug-2020 07:14

As your friend, he gets to call you up and ask how things are.

He's privy to any new information about your current lovelife.

By taking that power away from him, you're creating an environment in which your ex boyfriend has to face losing you for good.

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When your boyfriend feeds you this universal line, it's only normal to be confused. He has no intentions of staying friendly with you, and contact will drop off quickly.

A guy will ask to be friends with you for one of only two reasons.

This happens more often than you think, because to the girl, having sex with an ex boyfriend isn't all that bad a move.

After all you've done it dozens of times already, and many women think it will help "sway" their ex's decision to reverse the break up and take them back.

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You're actually demoting yourself to a role of pseudo-girlfriend, where you have virtually no power over the relationship between the two of you and actually have to cater to whatever rules he lays down. Just you try launching a romantic offensive from a position of friendship.

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