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Moisturizing Packed with natural oils like apricot, avocado, calendula, jojoba, and orange peel for a nourishing, healthy sheen.

Multi-Use Swipe onto face and body for instant hydration, or onto hair and brows for high shine and control.

A integral part of the brand's hydration collection, this light-catching gel plumps and deeply moisturizes your skin as its cooling effect instantly soothes your under-eyes.

It helps rid your face of fatigue and puffiness in one fell swoop.

"EGF is a naturally occurring skin protein known for its ability to help stimulate the skin's own renewal process," notes Kristinn Grétarsson, CEO of Bioeffect.

"The results actually tell us that instead of layering moisture on top of the skin, as is the case with your typical cream or lotion, EGF actually works to hydrate the skin from within." "Even though I'm late to the game with Sunday Riley's Autocorrect (it launched last December), I've been applying it like some people apply lip balm—addictively and probably more often than is actually necessary," gushes our assistant editor Erin.

"Marketed as 'anti-fatigue' and 'hydration-concentrated,' this eye cream from By Terry is another relatively new find and obsession," says Erin.

"I love the cold, calming feel of the applicator, which compliments the soothing formula enriched with white and black roses as well as vitamin E." Dr.

"Bioeffect isn't just any anti-aging line, though: It's engineered with Nobel Prize–winning science and 10 years of biotechnology that helps you practically age in reverse," says our managing editor, Lindsey, a huge devotee of the brand's face serum."You need ones that actually repair the lipid moisture barrier in the skin and prevent transepidermal water loss.