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A post mortem examination was taking place last night after his body was recovered near the resort.

Because of the conflicting evidence we dismiss the charges.

Ronnie Campbell, 58, member for Blyth Valley, was involved in a scuffle when he was recognised by Denise Longman, who accused him of being "useless" and his wife a "slut".It was a flexible weekday night in Bangalore or April a copywriter of years ago.The birds, including a falcon that was dead on its nest beside three eggs, were killed by a type of rat poison often used against predators on grouse moors.Lipman lined up for the Street The actress Maureen Lipman is to appear in Coronation Street, the soap opera on which her husband, the playwright Jack Rosenthal, cut his teeth when he wrote some of the first episodes in Philip, who planned to study sport science at university, died from heart failure on Wednesday.

The gynaecologist aborted a baby during a hysterectomy on Barbara Whiten, 43, who did not know she was 11 weeks pregnant.

Sudanese army says it has killed leader of main Darfur rebel g.