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While this is a good function for you to make new friends, please take that this function has also caused many people to get conned! Scams on chatting platforms are nothing new especially in We Chat, there have been numerous cases of victims falling prey to all types of scams, and people are still stupid enough to get conned repeatedly, like don’t you learn the first time?Source: Knudsen & Co The reason why many people do not go to the police after getting scammed is because they were doing something shady that caused them to get scammed.Many of the women who added me were not looking for idle chat or the odd hook-up, but were seriously looking for partner. Below is only the starkest example of this kind of conversation, in which the woman said in English: “I added you because I think your picture is handsome, OK? After trading a few softballs she transitioned into Chinese and launched a barrage of pointed questions.

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The We Chat app is popular for its function “People Nearby” to search for other users who are located within a 1000m radius.

Many face unpalatable choices between less-than-ideal husbands or the prospect of spinsterism, which carries much more of a social stigma in China than it does in the US. Was I aware that Shanghai houses were very expensive? We chatted a few more times about innocuous topics over the next several weeks, until they stopped.

A porton of “leftover women” are successful career girls who were too busy for romance while charging up the corporate ladder – but if the microblogs and photo albums of the people who added me are anything to go by, not a few are stuck in low-end white collar jobs and live in cramped rentals, scraping by in the big city far away from the small city or village they grew up in. Was I aware that Shanghai brides expected potential suitors to have a house with no mortgage? Do I mind a woman who is below 163 centimeters in height? Pictures appeared in her news feed of herself with a 40-ish, middle-aged westerner together at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Continuing where I left off last week, let’s take a look at what happens when one actually starts using We Chat. What did they expect to come from finding a digital acquaintance who was within walking distance?

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I had been dimly aware of We Chat for some months before March, when a friend got me thinking about the possibilities of the software’s various find-a-friend features. Were people really meeting each other after brief chats on the service?I’m usually available from 1.00pm until 12.00 midnight.” When asked what does her services include, she said, “I provide services such as lovemaking, massage, bathing, blowjobs, and kissing.” Wong said the girl had a beautiful face and model figure, after discussing he agreed to her terms and conditions, and they both set a time and date to meet up.

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