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The Liquidating Trust, through its agents, shall wind down the affairs of and dissolve the Debtors and their subsidiaries including the Non-Debtor subsidiaries.The most current financial information can be found in the Consolidated Financial Statements section of this website. Ray III was appointed Liquidating Trust Manager (“LTM”) on November 18, 2016. Ray served as Chief Counsel to the Trust from September 2015. Ray is Senior Managing Director of Greylock Partners, LLC. Ray has served in various capacities with respect to Chapter 11 bankruptcy estates. Ray served as Chief Restructuring Officer of Overseas Shipping Group and from 2014 to 2015, Chairman of the Board of Overseas Shipping Group. Ray has served as the principal officer of Nortel Networks, Inc. Ray served as the Chairman of the Restructuring Committee of the Board of GT Technologies. Ray was Chairman of the post confirmation Board of Enron Corporation and, from 2005 to 2009, President of post confirmation Enron Corporation.Read the latest updates now and check back often as we refresh data on how Texas ports help drive our economy.The August issue of Fiscal Notes examines the “1115 Medicaid waiver,” which has provided Texas with billions of dollars for health and human services — money in jeopardy unless the federal government extends it.Assets and liabilities must be dealt with properly, in much the same way that an executor would settle all assets, debts and affairs when someone dies.The first step to dissolving your business is for the owners or board of directors, depending on whether the company is publicly or privately held, to create a resolution to dissolve.Whether you're able to liquidate all assets depends on whether your company is insolvent at the time of dissolution and the amount of cash on hand plus liquid assets.

Prior to joining UBS, he was the chief executive officer of Braver Stern Securities from 2010-2011. Bonaventure University in 1980 and completed the Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program in 1992. He was also a member of the Board of MBIA Insurance Corporation and Capital Markets Assurance Corporation. Sonkin was Managing Director and Head of the Insured Portfolio Management Division. Sonkin was formerly senior partner and co-chair of the Financial Restructuring Department at the Wall Street law firm Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft and a member of its Management Committee. Sonkin was a senior partner at the international law firm, King & Spalding, where he was co-chair of King & Spalding’s Financial Restructuring Group and a member of the firm’s Policy Committee. The reduction in the assets held in bailment between December 17, 2013 and December 31, 2017 is primarily attributable to the initial distribution and the bank accounts of the Debtors being novated to the Liquidating Trust following the plan effective date.

Any property that's owned by your corporation is liquidated, which means selling any assets that aren't used as collateral for loans.

Property which is used as security for loans must either go to the institution that loaned money against it, or be paid off by your company before being sold for cash.

Dissolving a company means to officially and formally close the business.

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While ceasing operations is part of this process, there's more to dissolving a business than just locking the front door.

This notice would include creditors, shareholders and owners, customers, employees and any other interested party.