In between dating and relationship

18-Aug-2020 17:47

The period of a relationship between "just friends" and "dating".In this phase both people haven't made the commitment for an official relationship, but each would be upset if the other got involved with someone else.Here, they’ll realize the differences between “love” and “infatuation” or between “love” and “like”.In a relationship, you’re set to grow because the love that you share with another person is designed to nurture both of you, as a couple, as lovers, and as partners in life. Dating makes you love independence; a relationship makes you value partnerships.When you’re casually dating someone, you’re free to live your love life according to what you want to do.You have this free choice and independence that you can easily end your bond with another person especially if it’s not fun anymore.The focus on the type and level of intimacy you have with another person also distinguishes dating from being in a relationship.While the former is more physical and less emotional, the latter involves higher intensity and expression of both. Dating can be playful and experimental; a relationship is a serious and sincere decision.

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The lesson here is, have fun while you’re young but also make sure that you’re saving all the special parts of yourself for that someone who is willing to spend the rest of their life with you.

How do you know that you’re focusing your efforts and emotions on the right person?