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Whereas the General Assembly had defined "colored" in 1910 as someone with one-sixteenth or more "negro blood," Plecker defined it as someone "with even a trace of negro blood on either side." This included nearly all Virginia Indians, according to Plecker, because they had so thoroughly interbred with African Americans.In 1923, the Anglo-Saxon Clubs suggested that a new racial integrity bill be enacted, and the group's motivation, in part, was for the law to catch up with how government officials such as Plecker were already behaving with regard to race. In its original form, it required that all Virginians fill out a certificate of racial composition to be approved by the Bureau of Vital Statistics.

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Articles by Cox and Powell published in the Richmond on July 22, 1923, wondered, "Is White America to Become a Negroid Nation?The Racial Integrity Act was introduced in the General Assembly as Senate Bill No. This certificate would be necessary in order to marry in Virginia, and it would be against the law for a white person to marry anyone but a white person.Although interracial marriage had been banned previously in Virginia, this was the first time that marriage between whites and Asians—or other people who were legally neither "colored" nor white—was prohibited.Using large statistical studies, eugenicists purported to scientifically demonstrate that mental illness and criminal tendencies were inherited and should be specifically limited in the human population.

They also argued that African Americans, Indians, poor people, criminals, prostitutes, and alcoholics all suffered from inferior genes.

For this reason, many eugenicists maintained, it was critically important that whites not mix with supposedly inferior races.