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18-Jan-2020 21:25

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If that is you, I would choose a tinted visor for sunlight protection, depending on the level you play on.Besides sunshade and eye protection, wearing a tinted visor makes you look very intimidating.Apparently, it was a linemen's "Dungard" facemask that Stabler had the manufacture modify.Joe Namath's was also pretty cool -- As a kid, I played running back on my little league teams.

intimidating football facemasks-54

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Here is what to look for: Most visors use optic materials to improve vision while on the field.We’ve highlighted it in this graphic so you can sound cool when you point out the 808 to your friends.This facemask is built for the immensely popular Riddell Revo Speed Helmet (and fits the Revo Speed, Revolution Speed Classic in both youth and adult, Revolution Edge, Revolution Attack-i, and Revolution Attack).There was this one kid who backed me up who had his own helmet.

It looked just like Larry Csonka helmet -- except in red.

Something about the absence of your opponents’ eyes makes them seem superhuman and could intimidate anyone on the field. The purpose of the football visor is to protect injuries that the player has sustained in the eye area.