Intimidating people name

21-Oct-2020 05:51

Who am I to be talking to these people about this subject?

If you believe that the harassment you are experiencing or witnessing is of a specifically sexual nature, you may want to see EEOC's information on sexual harassment.It happens to everyone – you’re fine in front of one group of people, but in front of an audience with more education, or experience, or status then you?Your confidence nosedives, and you find yourself asking “who am I to speak to these people?They can do this by establishing an effective complaint or grievance process, providing anti-harassment training to their managers and employees, and taking immediate and appropriate action when an employee complains.

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Employers should strive to create an environment in which employees feel free to raise concerns and are confident that those concerns will be addressed.The employer will be liable for harassment by non-supervisory employees or non-employees over whom it has control (e.g., independent contractors or customers on the premises), if it knew, or should have known about the harassment and failed to take prompt and appropriate corrective action.