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A series of striking black-and-white images have been released to the public after a photographer was granted unprecedented access to the community.

Jamie Johnson photographed the Irish travellers at the Ballinasloe Horse Fair and Festival, a key event in their calendar.

I don’t want him to walk away from his family and would prefer it to be done in away that they accept his decision and he has a relationship with his family, but I don’t know much about the community to know if this is possible.

I know as a mother I would to wanna lose either my children. Dont marry him cos i can tell ya wat will happen, ya mam n daddy wont let ya for 1 n ya aint even 16 bet ya cnt even Hoover lol dnt be havin kids neither cos then no one will want ya wen he leaves ya n it will mess ya life up, jst go find yaself a nice gorje boi instead lol x Idk how to use this lol but to all em gels sayin they wanna be a gypsy wife of watever, no ya dont u dinlows i dnt fink u understand how hard it is yano spend ya life doin it n i bet yas be wishin u were gorje gels??

In my hometown you think, 'don't make eye contact or they'll smash your ****ing head in'.

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He came to my daughter birthday party the weekend and is now grounded cos he wanted to stay at a friends and was demanded home but he was having a panic attacked as he was so scared to go.Because they worked with metal, Travellers had to travel throughout Ireland and work on making various items such as ornaments, jewellery and horse harnesses to make a living.As a result, by 1175, they were referred to as “tinkler,” “tynkere,” or Tinkers, as well as Gypsies, all of which are derogative names to refer to their itinerant way of life.They allowed me to photograph their lives and cultures.“The children followed me around and took turns using my cameras.”The intimate photos capture family life, with numerous young children pictured.

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Little kids play with their toy guns and brandish them at the camera, while others puff on fake cigarettes.

Once Ireland was claimed as Celtic, this group was seen as lower class.