Is anthony cumia still dating melissa ptsd symptoms and dating

27-Mar-2020 13:01

Anthony gives a recap of the Time Square incident that led to his "separation" from Sirius XM, discusses what has transpired since his firing, and talks about what listeners can expect from him moving forward. Anthony's first guest to the compound is Andrew Dice Clay.

He joins Ant poolside (along with his sons) for an intimate two hour conversation (mixed with a bit of ranting) that leads to after show high jinx and shenanigans.

Lady Di gets through the phone lines for another "special" call to talk about her roommate Bill? Colin Quinn joins Anthony in the bar to reminisce about his bartending and drinking days.

We learn about the ethnicity book and show Col's working on, they discuss people who seek out things to be "offended" by, the public's inability to have open and honest dialogue, they touch on the conflicts going on overseas, diversity in police forces, and the power of social media and of the "69".

They finish up the show talking about porn, silent fucking and jerking off, and the evolution of O&A and the comics that have been on the show.

Side Note: Be on the lookout for Bobby's one-hour special, "Live at the Village Underground."Nick Di Paolo joins Anthony by the pool for beers and to talk about Ant's firing and how people's words have become more important than their actions. and Patrice O' Neal stories, talk about comics and their demons, and Ant rants about his merchandise company and the frustration of not being able to talk about race without backlash.

Ant ends the show with an old home movie showcasing his "pissy eyes", brother Joe calls in, and we view the newest cringe worthy Prancercise video.

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He then goes through some fantastic photoshopped pics of Colin Quinn, talks about kids cursing, a suspension over at BET, and Jim Norton's new article for Time magazine. Anthony sits poolside and tells us that Jim Norton will be late due to traffic and while we wait for him, he reads Chip's show demands.Later, special guest comedian Big Jay Oakerson joins him at the bar which does have a camera issue but after they move back into the studio, all is well. He talks about the state of affairs regarding the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri, brings his Twitter to life by reading some replies he received the night before, and takes calls regarding this whole situation.

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