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27-Mar-2020 13:01

Speaking of gross (kidding), they also talk about Keith the Cop's ass, the stunts that Dave is willing to do "for the show", Alex Jones, and a few different podcasts that are actually worth listening to these days.

We learn about a chance meeting Dave and Ant had in the past, their thoughts on how "accountability" changes due to your profession, how satire is missed by many, and then hilariously discuss how red-headed people are treated.

They chat a bit about the photoshop pics of Colin Quinn, conspiracy theorists, Jimmy's latest fanboy photos, his dinner with Ozzy and Sharon, and women in comedy.

They wrap up by talking about Keith the cop's "plump toes," the situation in Ferguson, and Jimmy's Vice show.

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Side Note: Be on the lookout for Bobby's one-hour special, "Live at the Village Underground."Nick Di Paolo joins Anthony by the pool for beers and to talk about Ant's firing and how people's words have become more important than their actions. and Patrice O' Neal stories, talk about comics and their demons, and Ant rants about his merchandise company and the frustration of not being able to talk about race without backlash.Later, special guest comedian Big Jay Oakerson joins him at the bar which does have a camera issue but after they move back into the studio, all is well. He talks about the state of affairs regarding the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri, brings his Twitter to life by reading some replies he received the night before, and takes calls regarding this whole situation.