Is postdating a check illegal in virginia

01-Nov-2019 14:04

I patiently explain to each of these people that the information in the Date field of the check is for the reference of the payor only, that a post-dated check amounts to nothing more than a verbal agreement between the payor and payee, and that the bank will honor any check that has the account number, routing number, written and numerical amount, name of payee, and signature of authorized accountholder. If the check in question overdrew the account, or was rejected for nonsufficient funds, I further explain that it is against federal law to write a check for an amount greater than the available funds in the account at the time the check is written.

It usually shuts them up once the they fully comprehend the idea that they have done something illegal (and are therefore, theoretically, getting off lightly with a .00 fee).

For the most part, a bank is free, but not required, to pay a post-dated check whenever it's presented as long as the writer hasn't notified the bank it should not be paid.

Of course, a bank will do everything just shy of calling their customer an idiot for attempting to post-date a check and hoping the bank will actually pay attention to it amid the squizzillions of checks they process each day.

a check delivered now with a written date in the future, so that it cannot be cashed until that date.

Well, sure, but you're not trying to scam anyone, and those outstanding checks are probably not post-dated.

If someone could supply me with such a statute, I would be most greatly obliged. If, on the other hand, post-dated checks are not illegal but merely irrelevant, please inform me of that as well.

My Google-Fu was quite apt at locating the Egyptian version of this law, but provided nothing on U. Not the answer I'm hoping for, but at least my explanation for it is already quite well-rehearsed. It's the long, drawn-out explanation given in the first paragraph of the OP.

Stating it like that makes it sound like corporate policy, which your average American consumer seems to view as highly negotiable (and, furthermore, they regard endless bitching as the primary means of discussion).

They tend to react somewhat differently, however, when smacked upside the head with the cold, hard word of Law.

According to another site such checks are civil and not crimial affairs in Virginia. That said, have you ever heard of a customer doing so?