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We saw a White hairstylist (Alicia Silverstone) endure the scrutiny of her Black counterparts only to happily gain their acceptance—and their defense—because of her talents as well as the goodness within her heart.

We saw Queen Latifah giving styling advice—as well as life advice—to her White clients who embraced her for her efforts. I stepped out on faith and broke free from the cultural shackles imposed upon me by society as well as some of my own kinsmen who, filled with pride and scorn, labeled me a sell-out for moving out of “da hood.” My new stomping grounds are in some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the United States .

” The best apocalyptic series ever made for television. It is very gutsy, in that it is one of the few TV shows to mention Jesus by name.

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Zoe covers the June issue of Allure Magazine, and the actress opens up about holding on to real love when she finds it, dating women, and why she wants the critics of her upcoming portrayal of Nina Simone to have a seat.

On being faithful, Zoe says: “Let me tell you, if Elizabeth Taylor can be Cleopatra, I can be Nina—I’m sorry.

My friends are psychiatrists, businessmen, software developers, doctors, lawyers, law students, office managers, architects and church pastors.

They make yearly pilgrimages to Hawaii and other exotic vacation destinations. They own classic American houses and beachfront cottages. But we have NEVER made a fuss about our differences.

I’ve shared my experiences going to a predominantly Black college and living in South Central LA.

, with the assistance of her down-home Southern charm and some flashy dance floor moves, was able to win the heart of the only Black male hairstylist in the beauty shop. I’ve got a new set of friends who (obviously) have different life experiences than I do.

The night before, I saw Bernie Mac pick Ashton Kutcher apart thirty-six ways from Sunday in an effort to “protect” his daughter (Zoë Saldana) from the societal scorn that would result from their interracial relationship. Senor Love Daddy asked in the closing moments of Spike Lee’s In 2002, with nothing but hope for a better life and trust in Jesus Christ, I moved out of South Central Los Angeles to Orange County (a.k.a. Most of my friends are White with a few Blacks and Latinos thrown into the mix.

We’ve seen countless movies with this group of friends and they support my efforts as a small-time movie critic.

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We’ve seen some good flicks together and we’ve seen our fair share of duds as well.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles Actress Zoe Saldana is having an amazing acting career as she continues to book a wide variety of roles in hit films, but the Hollywood beauty isn’t having the same success in her love life.

He would refer to her as “L” in the captions, and they looked absolutely smitten with each other.… continue reading »

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