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Even that particular mission is manifested in different ways in our own individual lives and families. Now, of course, we’ve had the opportunity to share our differences with each other.I’ve shared my experiences going to a predominantly Black college and living in South Central LA.Kevin Hart was hospitalized Sunday after his vehicle crashed into the hills just south of Calabasas. near Mulholland Highway and Cold Canyon Road after Hart’s classic 1970 Plymouth Barracuda swerved off the road and rolled down the embankment.Hart was one of two passengers in the car when the driver lost...My wife and I have made some deliberate attempts to expose our friends to African American style, culture and food (my good friends Keith and Jana Anderson have developed a fetish for Roscoe’s Chicken N’ Waffles—YES, that’s a real restaurant and, YES, that’s the big item on their menu! They have encouraged me to do things I’ve never tried to do before. That’s what I saw in these three films that I witnessed this weekend: the manifestation of Dr. Through these films and through our lives, we realize that we are different, but the same.Because of my friends, I am committed to learning to swim—a major step for a guy who just last year was afraid to put his face under water! Instead we embrace them and use them as tools to build our community. Whether it is our struggle to have our gifts and talents accepted, or our struggle to regain the trust of our loved ones, or our struggle for unconditional acceptance, we are the same.Zoe covers the June issue of Allure Magazine, and the actress opens up about holding on to real love when she finds it, dating women, and why she wants the critics of her upcoming portrayal of Nina Simone to have a seat.

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Fresh from her most recent breakup from actor Bradley Cooper, Saldana is attempting to move on and now wonders if she should expand her dating pool to include romances with other women.My friends are psychiatrists, businessmen, software developers, doctors, lawyers, law students, office managers, architects and church pastors.