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This district includes the city outskirts and the entirety of the actual city and its two main areas, the Historical and Residential Zones, as well as the smaller Industry area. Built to serve as the base of operations used by Meio's Army and the center of its military might.

The area encompass a military fortress, a prison facility, the Military Headquarters and a manufacturing plant. A massive, cavernous area beneath the city that houses the sewage system and a large garbage processing and treatment plant.

Even deeper within this world infested with mutated critters lays the Black Market and the Refugee Camp where those who escaped Meio's tyrannical rule currently live, and even further below stands the mysterious "Buried Temple", an ancient structure of unknown origin which houses the city's Gravitron unit.

The area is ruled over by Grandmaster Meio's subordinate Juroung.

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A Resistance is known to exist as well, but they have for the most part avoided capture and remain in hiding.

Before this system was implemented, it's presumed the city was sustained by the energy generated from the Kazakh Grand Dam.

Kazakh City is divided into 10 sections which can be grouped together into 5 main areas known as "Districts": The civilian district.

An eclectic place influenced by its past just as much as the future Meio is attempting to craft, Kazakh City is a true representation of the madmen currently in charge of it.

While in general the term "Kazakh City" refers to the entire complex under Grandmaster Meio's rule, it is more often used to refer specifically to the residential areas which are the last remains of the original city of Kazakh.

Their troop force is exclusively conformed by enhanced and mass-produced "Military Trooper" androids under Mikiel's control.