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20-Aug-2020 06:18

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Sometimes walking away from a destructive relatinship is the most loving thing to do for yourself, your family and your significant other.It shows respect (love for yourself) and hopefully, it may teach the other person some lessons. However, I keep love out of it, as most folks attracting unhealthy relationships have no idea what love really is. I think there is much truth behind your article and the reality you try to depict here.And my reaction will be on how I understood your article.It might of course be that I didn't understand it the way you meant it, this would be too bad.

If I want to cry, I will watch a sad scene from my favorite anime.

Don’t play silly games like “if I have to tell him/her it won’t work.” That’s just childish. It's often the absence of love and nuturing in one's childhood development that allows negative behaviours or patterns to flourish.

We shared childhood memories, observed the outdoors and talked about the simple joy of life, like this moment.… continue reading »

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From time to time, you’re going to come across what we call “overlay icons” on these thumbnails. Some icons are just to let you know stuff, whereas others are interactive.… continue reading »

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Big is a comprehensive Christian dating service, with a bounty of useful features.… continue reading »

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The application is available on both i Tunes (IOS) and the Google Play Store.… continue reading »

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