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Girls were educated at home by their mothers but they were not usually taught to read and write.Their education consisted of how to take care of children and a home.Mothers and wet nurses breast fed the children and sometimes they were fed from pottery feeding bottles too.The women and children generally lived upstairs in the women’s quarters, called the Gynaikon or Gynaikonitis.They were not allowed to leave the barracks where they were being trained until they were thirty years of age. They also learned music, reading, writing, and arithmetic using an abacus.Other city-states required boys to join the army when they reached the age of eighteen. Each student used a stylus to write on a wooden tablet that was covered in soft wax.Babies were wrapped up in tight clothing until the age of two years old since it was believed that this is how children’s bones would stay strong and straight.

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There were special occasions when girls were allowed to attend religious festivals.

Boys were able to continue the family line, care for older parents, and arrange a proper funeral for them when they died.

At age three, a young boy would taste his first sips of wine at the festival of Dionysus.

He would also begin to assist at sacrificial rituals to the gods as an official temple boy.

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In most city-states, boys lived in the Gynaikon and were trained by their fathers to master different crafts until they were around the age of six. Spartan boys left their families at the age of seven to be reared and educated by the state for the military.

If there were complications, a male physician may have been brought in for assistance.

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