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Even bible followers who remember so well “Do not put your money out to usery’ participate somehow AND WIN! READ MORE: DAILY RESULTS (Jamaica): Drop Pan fascinates at Cash pot symbols ...

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It suggests a background, values, a lifestyle—history, history, history.

Antiretroviral drugs assured people that they could continue to look well, feel better about their bodies, and not have to prepare for death, but these drugs also meant that they had to make decisions about how to have a love life, how to cope with sexual interest from people who did not know that they were living with the disease.

I meet Peter Figueroa on the closed-in porch of his spacious home on the outer edges of Barbican in Kingston.

He is a slight man with a burst of dark wavy hair and a tidy beard.

He speaks quietly and with resignation about those nightmarish years.

But there were limits to this normalization of HIV/AIDS.

When they were constantly sick, sex was an absurd memory, a treachery of sorts, but now they looked and felt healthy.