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Even though it might be uncomfortable to talk to teenagers about sexual and reproductive health, this does not encourage young people to have sex.

It can actually delay the age that teenagers start to have sex, because they have been equipped with the knowledge to make safe decisions about sex.

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Changes in the brain during puberty can affect a child's behaviour, including their sleep patterns and thinking and social skills.

Safe sex means reducing the number of concurrent sexual partners, and testing for and treating sexually transmitted infections (STIs) quickly, because STIs increase the risk of HIV infection.

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They should be counselled about the benefits and risks of disclosing their HIV status to other people, and be empowered and supported to determine if, when, how and to whom they to disclose.

This can cause stress and worry, which may lead to mental health issues, substance abuse, depression and suicide.

It is normal for young people to feel the ups and downs of everyday living.

Safe sex means that they need to protect themselves and their sexual partners by using a condom if they are going to have sex.

Condoms can reduce the chance of passing HIV onto a negative sexual partner and will protect them from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and reinfection.

STIs can be more difficult to treat when a person is HIV positive, and having an STI can increase the chance of passing HIV to an negative partner.

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