Ludwig snare drum dating dating lower social class

23-Oct-2020 11:17

The date stamp didn’t determine when a shell would be sent to assembly. Sometimes we had thousands of undrilled shells all stacked up on shelves.When assembly needed a certain size shell in a particular finish, it was pulled from the shelf and sent off to them.Ludwig about the probability of a leftover box or two stagnating for months at the bottom of a stack. Ludwig replied, “I would say in all likelihood that’s just what happened.” At a production rate of about 11,000 drums per month, it meant that for each month that passed, the serial numbers on the unused badges inside of a stagnant box would fall 11,000 digits behind the progressing sequence of serial numbers.

Due to the time lapse between when a shell was date stamped and when the badge was installed, some of the drums assembled on the same day with closely matching serial numbers had date stamps that were months apart from one another It also meant that some of the drums with production date stamps close to one another, would have badges with serial numbers that were tens of thousands of digits apart.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.