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21-Apr-2020 23:11

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If having a drink calms your nerves before a first date, then I say go for it. To get to the perfect moment, you gotta take a chance! Life has lead us to believe that we’ll know when the moment is right. This is the part where you hear my voice in your head (or the song from the Little Mermaid) saying go on and kiss the girl!

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Making the First Call/Text There's absolutely no rule that says you can’t contact him first, especially if you're calling or messaging to let him know you had a good time on your date, says Morse.

For example, maybe you've been talking about the song currently playing; Morse suggests saying something like, “I can’t believe you’ve never listened to [insert musician’s name]!

Go home and download their CD immediately and then call me to tell me how right I am about them.

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Making the first move is something that used to be frowned upon by traditional dating rules.But times have obviously changed and you know it's fine for you to approach someone you're interested in and even——ask them out. So if you're wondering whether or not to go for it and how to do it without coming off as pushy, we've got you covered.

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