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19-Feb-2020 00:10

Even tho i think i look good, it still feels like getting out of the "just talk" to the "lets hang around" thing is nearly impossible. Actually sex is the last thing i desire from a girl.I just want somebody around to laugh with and enjoy life..I think most of these things tie to the fact that I'm not very comfortable doing new things without guidance. I am perfectly fine with someone showing me the first time and then I will do it on my own.It can range to easy things as weighing fruits and put a price on them with a machine to showing me how to do my job as a summer working mail man.

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And I'm not very keen on outright asking for help because people generally give shitty advice. I guess something along those lines is why I haven't dated yet. I've never really gotten positive feedback from girls about my looks.

At that point, they generally can't think of me as more than a friend, and I don't want to jeopardize a valued friendship.i know how you feel m8, girls were never interested in me back in middle school/high school.

I'm in my third year of college now and I've never had a girl show interest in me.

For now I'm just going to lift weights and concentrate on school.

Good luck brother I don't know how I would go about and do it. I'm not comfortable going up to random people and ask for numbers, so I can get to know them.However, I can't really make myself concerned about it - it just seems like a waste of energy to me, worrying about it.-Fear of rejection-Fear of expressing attraction-Being picky about women-Not being in many social situations which allow me to socialize with women I find attractive-My circle of friends is a sausage fest-Being on the lower end of average as far as looks go-Easily frustrated and discouraged-Strange, off putting personality21, here. Its not like i have a low thinking of myself, i am actually quite muscular and in shape, however hairy on breast and stomach.