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Jordan begins rehearsing with his band, The Frozen Embryos, in "Why Jordan Can't Read." He unintentionally leads Angela to believe his song, "Red," is about her despite being about his car.The band suffers a big blow when Tino quits the band in "On the Wagon" and briefly hires Rayanne as lead singer against Jordan's wishes.Jordan's attitude evolves throughout the season as he spends more time with Angela and he becomes more willing to try new things.

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Jordan Catalano is a high school junior who was held back two years. He smokes cigarettes, often puts Visine in his eyes, and leans with his eyes closed as if he's trying not to look at things. Jordan is also a victim of domestic violence as he was beat by his father as a child.After Rayanne chokes during an open-mic performance, Jordan steps in as lead vocalist and the group eventually changes their name to Residue.