Meave leakey fossil million years dating

06-Mar-2020 12:19

The 1470 specimen was two million years old; the new face and fragmentary jaw are 1.9 million to 1.95 million years old; the better-preserved lower jaw is younger still, at 1.83 million years old.

Fred Spoor, a member of the discovery team who directed the laboratory analysis, said in a news teleconference that the research showed clearly that “human evolution is not this straight line it was once thought to be.” Instead, East Africa, he said, “was quite a crowded place, with multiple species” with presumably different diets. Spoor is a paleoanthropologist at University College London and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. The fieldwork was financed by the National Geographic Society, and the dating of the fossils, mainly by Craig S.

"I don't have any scientific grounds to say that this is directly anecestral.

It certainly is a branch of the human family tree," says Leakey in the Los Angeles Times.

Readers have to scan news reports for the assumptions and qualifiers.

So much about the creature is still guesswork." The Boston Globe says: "It is difficult to establish that flat-faced man was even a new species, because there are simply too few fossils available for comparison." A commentary in Nature Magazine admitted that of the 30 fossil fragments found, only 2 have been actually assigned to flat-faced man. According to the data, Flat-faced man is/isn't an ancestor of modern man?

The dating of Flat-face man is also in question Daniel E.

Uncovered from sandstone at Koobi Fora, badlands near Lake Turkana in Kenya, the specimens included a well-preserved skull of a late juvenile with a relatively large braincase and a long, flat face, which has been designated KNM-ER 62000 (62000 for short).

It bears a striking resemblance to the enigmatic cranium known as 1470, the center of debate over multiple lineages since its discovery in the same area in 1972.“We are more certain that 1470 was not a one-off, and not everything 1470 is big.” In their first formal report, Dr.