Mexican renter intimidating landlord

08-May-2020 12:26

So, we enrolled him in a driving school so that he could learn how to use a clutch.The series of classes cost 1450 pesos, and included four rounds of driving of two hours each time, or eight hours total.

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the owner of Jay’s Hilltop Rentals in Grand Rapids, MN has allegedly violated the Fair Housing Act by denying a request from a disabled woman to reside in her apartment with a medically-prescribed support animal.We took the required class, submitted our documents, drove around the block, had our photos taken, and oilá.Others pay a “fee” and have it all done for them, but we did it above-boards and it was easy-peasy.In fact, the class was downright enjoyable — the teacher is a very good storyteller!

Now Danny’s just gotten his license, so I thought telling you about it might prove helpful for someone.Danny was also told that they ask you to pop the hood of your vehicle and show the examiner where you insert water, oil, coolant, etc., though he was not asked to do this.