Middle aged sex dating

18-Feb-2020 19:10

One NFL playoff weekend I’d gotten into an email conversation with someone in his late forties (my favorite age range) and he’d asked me to join him for a concert.

I demurred as I’d been up since 4 am, and suggested that I get back in touch later. During a break in a late Vikings game (which was a right doozy, the best game all season), I called.

First, many of us have had some negative experiences (life will do that) and second, some of us may also have supremely unreasonable expectations.

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In fact, he did this three times.“Hang on a minute,” I said.First, someone’s previous failed relationships are very poor fodder for an initial conversation.Second, calling them a “f —g whore” gives me a very clear view of how this guy operates.Before said BF and I decided to give it a serious try, last January I had joined Zoosk, as had turned out to be such a horror show especially for those of us over sixty. By the time I joined Zoosk, I’d had plenty of experience online.

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While Zoosk is no different from any other site in that it has its share of scammers and manufactured profiles, unlike Fitness Singles it has a great many more folks participating. For those of us in middle age or trending towards a bit older (I was 64 at the time), this process can be daunting.

That is, as long as divorce didn’t leave us financially insecure, as it does for many women. I was in that market on and off for the last decade.

The gods have decreed Earth shall be destroyed because true love no longer exists.… continue reading »

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