Mps atlas updating title

30-Mar-2020 05:30

To shift a map image relative to the display window without changing the viewing scale.Sharpening a low-resolution multiband image by merging it with a high-resolution panchromatic image.Drive confidently with personal navigation devices designed for cars, trucks, motorcycles and RVs.

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The unit of measure, usually millimeters or inches, used to arrange map elements on a page for printing, as opposed to the coordinate system on the ground that the map represents.

A map spliced together from smaller maps of neighboring areas.

The apparent shift in an object's position when it is viewed from two different angles.

A stereoscope containing a micrometer for measuring the effects of parallax in a stereoscopic image.

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An imaginary east–west line encircling the earth, parallel to the equator and connecting all points of equal latitude.

Parameters differ for each projection and can include central meridian, standard parallel, scale factor, or latitude of origin.