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16-Nov-2019 05:34

Unlike many people’s, they also contain captions written in the third person, by Hefner, often in a grand but stilted tone that seems drawn from vintage newsreels.Volume 115, from November of 1965, covers the launch of the San Francisco Playboy Club.Hefner is currently compiling new ones—with the aid of an archivist, but he does much of the work himself—at the rate of up to 11 a month.Like many people’s scrapbooks, Hefner’s contain photos, newspaper and magazine clippings, and other two-dimensional memorabilia.An informational packet sent to members of the New York club during its 1960s heyday spelled out the fantasy in explicit terms: “Step into the Playroom”—one of the multi-leveled club’s different areas—“and the wonderful world of depicted within the world-famous magazine’s pages comes to life.” And on some nights this was even true.

Tony Bennett was a regular in New York, as was Johnny Carson, who then became a “rabitué” of the Los Angeles club, as moved west in 1972.

Actually one can identify with the character so much that it's almost scary to look inside your dark corners.