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14-May-2020 22:02

It is not a good sign when a moviegoer is happier to see the supporting player than the lead.Goldberg, creator of Family Ties and Spin City, uses the supporting players for the laughs and leaves his leads with little to do.There is Stockard Channing, dripping in turquoise and ringlets, as one in Plummer's harem.And there is Jordana Spiro, as a bubbly nymphomaniac who brings to mind Goldie Hawn, circa 1967.(We can be happy there are no jokes about making heels heel or roll over.)The one successful match made by this film is that between the studio's marketing department and The Internet-dating site is given such prominent (and repeated) product placement that you might mistake the film for an infomercial.That's the downside of the mercifully short Must Love Dogs.The upside is a parade of supporting pirouettes that give the oomphless film some punch.

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There is Elizabeth Perkins as the take-charge older sister who posts Sarah's dating specs on the Web.Even Sarah's dad (Christopher Plummer), a widower, uses the Internet - with considerably more success than his daughter. But together in this charmless Gary David Goldberg sitcomedy, inspired by the Claire Cook novel, they are as oddly paired as chalk and cheese.In doggie terms, Cusack is an overeager, Cujo-scaled Newfoundland courting Lane, a balky, pocket-size Pekingese.By Carrie Rickey Philadelphia Inquirer July 29, 2005On what planet does Diane Lane, she of the double-dip-sundae bod, whipped-cream face, and cinnamon hair, go dateless?

Only on planet Hollywood, where she is routinely cast as an underappreciated wife or overlooked single.

Thirty-something preschool teacher Sarah Nolan has been divorced for eight months, which is much too long for her family to bear.

The post condemned Roxanne's behaviour towards people on the show and suggested apologies for them were long overdue. He says anybody who has worked with her knows the truth about "toxic" Roxanne, who accused housemate Ryan of physically assaulting her during a playful exchange in front of the cameras.… continue reading »

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