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21-Sep-2019 06:47

With the Dutch, when someone was my friend, they really were one.It's a sort of extreme where superficial and deep friendships are in much greater contrast to most places I've lived in.When I think back on Amsterdam, yes, I'll remember the beautiful canals, I'll miss bikes as being the main means of transport quite a lot, I'll recall the incredible balance they achieved as a melting pot of many cultures, but most of all I'll think about those couple of friends I've made and be very glad that I tried so hard over several weeks to understand the culture so that I could nurture these friendships. The TLL (Thai Love Lines) poll shows that 55% of Thai women seeking Dutch partners or husbands used Thai dating sites whereas 35% met their partners indirectly through friends or introductions.Why would you when the person is just passing through?

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I had to work hard to convince them that I was worth getting to know, but I was successful and through this, I can now call several Dutch people good friends of mine. Speaking the language enriched my experience there.They gave me the time and patience to help me with their language, never switching to English when they saw how invested I was in speaking to them, despite my poor level at the start, and asked me many interesting and intelligent questions.And then, unfortunately, most of the time it would end there.Despite difficulty in making friends with them, I'd actually argue that they Dutch are more social than most of us. One thing I found quite strange, for example, was that while my flatmate left the door on the street open so he could move things in and out, some children from the neighbourhood I had never seen before and demanded I give them some sweets. As a result of this, they are generally way more at ease in social situations than other cultures and are great at making conversations in a relaxed manner. I suppose the rest of us are “less” social, so we have room to be spontaneous and meet up with someone immediately, but the Dutch (at least those I met) would have social events, dinners, coffees, walks, clubs, excursions, sport, family events, nights out and everything else after work embraced the agenda lifestyle out of necessity to socialise on their level.

I did indeed eventually (grudgingly) arrange to meet people several weeks in advance so that we could hang out.

It's hardly something to criticise, but it was terribly frustrating for me of course.