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03-Apr-2020 05:00

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These men take pride in being a provider, protector, defender, adviser, and intense lover.

They sometimes Are teachers, can also be students depending on the situation.

Why do you think the number of inter racial couples have increased significantly in Nigeria? Nigerian men are known to be very industrious and can get their hands dirty (in the proverbial sense) to put food on the table.

They do nor believe in sitting and waiting for manna to fall from heaven.

A Nigerian man never settles for “good” but goes ahead to look for what is better than the rest Ladies who know this always try to date them because they know they are assets.

Someone who is not just ready to meet your needs but most times, that of your family as well.

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You also get to see life from the life of a Nigerian (which is clearly different I can assure you).A Nigerian man welcomes and accommodates everyone regardless of race, tradition and or religion.This is part of the reason why they usually have girlfriends from around the world because they are very open. So if you are thinking of a man from Africa that you would consider dating, think Nigerian.There is no need to comment or speak about everything under the Sun. Our culture respect women who have self control, and can control the tongue. If you wanna be talkative, save it for when you meet your girlfriends and your sisters.

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A West African man values your wise and calculated, timely words, not words carelessly thrown or given. ANd you’d watch your relationship with your West African man grow everyday.

A man’s heart is always linked to his stomach I said that yesterday in one of our posts.