Nis ipnodes not updating absolute russian ukrainian dating sites

28-Dec-2019 20:30

Typically these entries will be simple, like "protocols: files" or "networks: files nisplus".

However, when multiple sources are specified it is sometimes necessary to define precisely the circumstances under which each source will be tried.

A source can return one of the following codes: Hewlett-Packard Company - 1 - HP-UX 11i Version 2: August 2003 nsswitch.conf(4) nsswitch.conf(4) Status Meaning SUCCESS Requested database entry was found UNAVAIL Source is not responding or corrupted NOTFOUND Source responded "no such entry" TRYAGAIN Source is busy, might respond to retries For each status code, two actions are possible: Action Meaning continue Try the next source in the list return Return now The complete syntax of an entry is ::= "return" | "continue" Each entry occupies a single line in the file.

Lines that are blank, or that start with white space character are ignored.

The database and source names are case-sensitive, but action and status names are case-insensitive.In this case, the clients get much the same results from the "nis" source as from "nisplus"; however, "nisplus" is recommended instead of "nis".

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