Online dating for jewish

18-Apr-2020 11:17

You even have the option of describing your perfect date in the process of creating your profile!

However, we quickly realized not only were most of our matches non-Jews, many of them were middle-aged or older, so we can’t recommend for young singles. JPeople Meet (.99/month, .49/month for six months) Despite it’s easy-to-use look, JPeople Meet didn’t exactly meet our expectations.

After you go through a few seniors, it’s nothing again.

It lets you change your search location if you dont mind long distance, but changing it every time just to see a profile and maybe get one per location? It even says the last time a rare profile comes up, the last time he used the app.

I’ve had it for 2 months to give it a review that will go over all it has to offer. I got the vip access, bc otherwise it’s about 5 matches every 8 hours when you check. And after vip access, wait time is a little less, but still so few profiles.

I actually set it to all denominations, an unlimited search distance and ages 20-70.

Overall, if you’re committed to finding “the one,” we recommend shelling out a couple of extra bucks and subscribing to JDate.

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JDate (.99/month, .99/month for six months) At almost for one month on this site’s basic plan, JDate is by and far the most expensive dating service for Jewish singles on the market. Like many other dating sites, JDate asks you for your name and location when registering, but also asks questions about your smoking preferences, physical characteristics, profession and “Jewish-ness.” The site itself isn’t super sleek looking, but it’s easy to use and offers the largest selection of matches out of the websites we reviewed.

We also got a little nervous when we learned the site was free; we’re looking for the loves of our lives here, not just some Joe Schmo.