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17-Oct-2019 19:27

In a recorded conversation, Pomeroy told the victim he would agree to release the video to her if she would have sex with him three times.“This victim was smart enough to use an app to record Mr.

Pomeroy’s demands and call the Sheriff’s Office immediately.” said Sheriff Mark Lamb.

They got into the argument and she asked the suspect not to post the video.

Pomeroy told the victim she would have to continue to have sex with him to keep the video from being posted on the internet. On October 29, 2018, Pomeroy called the victim, identifying himself as “Matt Rogers.” He told the victim he was going through some of her “old footage” and wanted to be compensated for keeping it off the internet for all these years.

The two went out on a date, and later, they went back to the suspect’s townhome near 1600 block of West Village Way in Tempe.

The next day, the victim met with the suspect, and Pomeroy informed her that she signed a consent form to make a sex tape and audition for his porn company.

The victim, who was 19-years-old at the time, says she met Pomeroy through an online dating website.

She did not even recognize the signature the suspect showed her.

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