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Many new products, often imported from China via Kyakhta, became widely available in Irkutsk for the first time, including gold, diamonds, fur, wood, silk, and tea.

The city proper lies on the Angara River, a tributary of the Yenisei, 72 kilometers (45 mi) below its outflow from Lake Baikal and on the bank opposite the suburb of Glaskovsk.

In the early 19th century, many Russian artists, officers, and nobles were sent into exile in Siberia for their part in the Decembrist revolt against Tsar Nicholas I.

It was built in 1075 and listed as the second paper unit of Guangdong Province.

1, 2011 - PRLog -- February is Online Dating Safety Awareness Month, a month long event launched by Online Dating Magazine to help educate singles about online dating safety.

According to recent surveys, online dating is the third most popular way people meet behind school/work and friends/family.

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Most commonly spoken are Cantonese, Mandarin and Hakka.

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The Irkut River, from which the town takes its name, is a smaller river that joins the Angara directly opposite the city.

Like many forts in ancient China, it is surrounding by moat which covers 4.878 square kilometers.

The first floor has a length of 2 meters and then decrease step by step with floor above second.

Resorts and attractions in Renhua include: "Mount Danxia" (丹霞山), Wanshishan Grassland (万时山大草原) is one of the rare grassland in Guangdong Province."Shuang Feng Fort" (双峰寨), The "Chengkou Ancient City" (城口古秦城), was built in the Qin Dynasty.