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25-Oct-2020 18:45

She has already heard from many readers who see themselves in her story: "We're all having the same experience, yet nobody is talking about it. [If] you ended up [getting] herpes, we can choose to grow from it or we can crumble underneath the diagnosis," she says.

One of my girlfriends who is a plastic surgeon just told me, 'Several years ago, breast cancer was a taboo thing, and now everybody knows someone who has breast cancer.' I'd really like to move [herpes] into that commonplace topic."While herpes is her platform, Dr. "It is about self-worth and self-love," she says, and how she learned to accept herself regardless of how others interpreted her health status. "Herpes can be a curse that can just upend a person, but it can slingshot you into so much more emotional growth than [you] can even expect...

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And I actually contracted herpes from oral sex." Getting herpes does not make you a "slut," nor does it make you stupid. "That treats the outbreak as needed, decreases the length of an outbreak, and speeds up recovery by shortening the symptoms that people can have." People can also use daily suppression medication, as mentioned above, to protect themselves and their sexual partners by reducing viral shedding.She says, "The herpetic virus can infect other areas, so even if you are using condoms, there is still some skin exposure.

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