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12-Oct-2020 21:03

This requirement will only be included where the court has been satisfied on evidence that it is needed. The supervisor can apply to the court to extend a supervision order but it can only be in place for a maximum of three years.

A secure accommodation order can only be made with respect to a looked-after child.

If the local authority believes that there should be no contact between the child and their parent or guardian, the court can make an order authorising the local authority to refuse to allow any contact.

Sometimes children who are the subject of care orders will remain at home being cared for by their parents.

These reviews will consider, among other things, the arrangements for contact with the family and others, as well as the child’s health and educational needs.

All local authorities must appoint independent reviewing officers (IROs) who must work to ensure compliance with care plans.

While a care order is in force with respect to a child, the local authority designated by the order shall: The local authority can make decisions as to where the child will live and with whom, and how the child will have contact with named people.

Where the plans for the child are for adoption or to live outside England or Wales, further court orders specifically permitting this are required.

The Adoption and Children Act 2002 and supporting regulations require local authorities to give early consideration to applying for a placement order or obtaining the consent of birth parents to placement.

The court can give directions it considers appropriate with respect to the contact the child is to have with any named person or any medical or psychiatric examination or assessment of the child under s44(6).

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If the child is of sufficient understanding to make an informed decision, they may refuse to submit to the examination or other assessments.If the local authority want to suspend or stop contact for a period longer than seven days, they need to obtain a court order to do so.