Pagdating ng mga amerikano sa labas

21-Feb-2020 02:54

Celebrate democracy, exercise freedom of expression. This blog homepage has other pages as well; refer to the side bar of this page.For readers who don't understand the Filipino essays here, do not rely on your browser's online translator because the translation is so awful; better ask a real Filipino to interpret these for you. It remains advertising-free and adamantly against displaying links to malicious websites especially porn and other filthy cybergarbage such as some of those listed in the traffic sources of pageviews appearing in the blog's dashboard statistics and that include PORN SITE ADMINISTRATORS OUT THERE WHO KEEP ON PESTERING DECENT BLOG SITES ALL OVER THE WORLD BY ADVERTISING YOUR URL IN THE STATISTICS TRAFFIC SOURCES!Yes, you are correct that much of the older ways and values of loving our country has been made irrelevant, with all the evils this country has seen.But I would want to believe that we can still put some hope a little hope.On the other hand, real talk, can you imagine yourself not having a nationality or cultural roots to go back with?We can figuratively vomit with the negative concerns of our country, but can we really disown her? *** Oblation is not only a statue or a symbol of an annual run.

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Just remember that I can be a good friend but a bitter enemy, get it?

Hey, I'm supposed to be an independent, self-publishing fiction writer through my Samizdat Publications and yet selling my first published books had became difficult despite the good story quality and affordability of these.

I think that I'll be returning soon to that search for a publishing company like I did in the past and so I must lay down my "pride" for my other unpublished manuscripts.

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