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Hernando was also an ardent supporter of the Society of Film Archivists (SOFIA) and audiovisual archiving in the Philippines.

He dedicated himself to promoting and preserving film history and culture through his significant collection of movie memorabilia (stills, publicity photos, posters, props, etc.), both local and foreign.

Whether stills or behind-the-scenes pictures, his images possess a cinematic composition, and a deep reverence for the movies and the people who make them.

For he is not a mere stillman whose photographs serve only as continuity guide—he is both filmmaker and fan of the medium.

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“I’ve loved movies since I was a kid when my family and I would watch films on weekends,” he recalled. When I reached college, no courses on film were being offered then so I took up Fine Arts which I thought was closer to film.” While working as an artist at Mc Cann Erickson, Hernando enrolled at an evening film course offered by the Film Institute of the Philippines (FIP); the classes of which were held at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.In digital, it is ‘point-and-shoot’ and one can have the tendency to overshoot.” Along with the rise of the digital camera, however, contemporary filmmaking in the Philippines has done away with the stillsman because of budget constraints.Most producers would just rely on screengrabs from the 2K camera shoot.Hernando’s fascinations for the illusory world of telling stories began as a child.

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His father, a lover of detective narratives, was a policeman who worked in the homicide division.There, Hernando became classmates with the screenwriter Clodualdo “Doy” del Mundo, who would introduce him to Mike de Leon, scion of the family behind LVN Pictures, himself a filmmaker.