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21-Aug-2020 08:40

This is what it’s like to engage with someone who is passive-aggressive.

It is someone that uses subversive sabotaging techniques to beat someone else. Here are 5 ways to spot a passive-aggressive and how to engage.

Make sure that you're not letting passive-aggression mess up your relationship, because your partner doesn't deserve it — and your relationship could pay the price. Write down what went down — as it happened, no emotion.

Now, take it line by line and see if you can find out what spurred the defensiveness.

"But it's important to make sure the teasing isn't one-sided or too critical.

If there are bigger issues that need to be addressed, have a clear and more direct conversation.

Don't let teasing become a passive aggressive way to talk things out."And that's the problem with passive-aggression, it can leak out in all sort of weird ways.

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In order to survive and get back to land, you have to swim parallel to the beach and remove yourself from the pull of the current. They won’t admit it, even when you ask them straight up. I’m fine.” You probably can sense that they are not. It makes the other person feel small, prohibits real communication, and makes it impossible to get anywhere in conversation.And if you're the one being passive-aggressive in a relationship, then it can do a of damage. You or your partner may not even know that you're doing it.“It’s incredibly healthy to discuss your differences and what you need from your partner.

What isn't healthy is screaming and saying hurtful things that you cannot take back.” What also isn't OK, is fights that go around and around and keeping coming up again because nothing was solved. They want to frustrate you and interacting with them takes work. Trying to confront and get things out in the open tends to be the healthiest thing, but doesn’t go well with the passive-aggressive. Don’t waste energy trying to fix them or making them feel okay with you.