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25-Apr-2020 22:03

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Usually the logical file name of the data file is the same as the database name, and the log file has "_log" tacked on it. You can use sp_helpdb to find out the logical names of a dataase.Or, if all you have is a backup, RESTORE FILELISTONLY.

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Good luck Many thanks for that it seems to be what i was after however i keep getting an error - The job failed. here is the scripting i have; kill connections - ALTER DATABASE SET SINGLE_USER WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE Restore - RESTORE DATABASE FROM DISK = 'E:\folde\ .bak' WITH MOVE 'Logical_Name_Data' TO 'G:\SQLDATA\MSSQL\data\ _Data. -- Erland Sommarskog, SQL Server MVP, es****@Books Online for SQL Server 2005 at Online for SQL Server 2000 at Apologies here is the info Executed as user: User domainname\user.

Format: Window Comma Separated (.csv) If you are creating the CSV file using a script or similar, you can see an example file in the bundle containing the Perl module and README.

You can download a tar archive containing the manifest template and example manifests in Excel and CSV formats.

If validation errors are found, we cache an edited version of the file, adding error messages to any invalid lines in the CSV file.

You can then download a copy of this validated file using a link that will appear below.

i.e the database is to be renamed on the new server any help much appreciated Many thanks in advance This should point you in the right direction: If you restore the database to a different file location than the source database, you must specify the WITH MOVE option.

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