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18-Jul-2020 16:19

But at least it feels like Australia now - up until recently it was very much like England in October! Catching up on all the gossip over Earl Grey and cream cakes with my lovely sis-in-law.4 people I think will respond:1.

Step 1 – Find someone that has a sense of humor as sick as yours. Step 3 – Tell them the front of the mall is unacceptable and you’ll meet at Ruby Tuesday’s because they serve beer before noon. roast beef and Yorkshire pudding Two Places I’d rather be right now:1. So as it's been a while since I posted pics, I thought I'd indulge myself. Unfortunately I couldn't find any nekkid ones, but these ones are pretty good.

Since Santa is bringing them the DVDs, I ended up with a trolley load of stationery items. hot sex okay these are totally pinched from Shelley's meme, but on the other hand what's not to love about these things??? Every time I waded through the Help section and thought I'd finally got somewhere, it would redirect me to yet another Q&A. blog, and as I'm always up for a bit of procrastination, I gave it a whirl. But, back to the writing - I'm trying something new for me.

Luckily they both love reading, and I've yet to find any book lover who doesn't also adore stationery items!! David Tennant (Tardis optional)I Am Wearing Right Now…1. Long sleeved scarlet top (it's cold and rainy today - I can't believe it!! Something I always said I would never do (which means of course it was only a matter of time before I succumbed!!

I ended up writing it about three years ago and there it's been on my hard drive ever since. So, after two and a half months, I finally picked up my huge pile of conference books from the floor next to my desk and found room for them on the bookcase! My wonderful cps have been telling me for ages to get my butt in gear and submit to Nocturne. And about time too because I really don't like winter. Of course when we first moved to Australia everyone thought it hilarious I felt the cold so acutely.

For one reason or another I've never quite got around to it, but having nothing better to do yesterday afternoon (ie. After all, I came from England, I should be used to freezing my bits off!

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Step 7 – Make your way out into the chaos and destruction of shopping the Saturday before Christmas. from Perth to Margaret River WATwo Favorite Holidays:1. And Easter - since my dh generally gets some time off work then too Two Favorite Beverages:1. I have a worrying latte addiction, and the fact it does my health no good whatsoever isn't much of a deterrent! I also have a weakness for Lindt white chocolate balls. But somehow once I got started today the words flowed, and that was another happy bunny moment since it's the first time that's happened with this ms.

Step 8 – Run back to Ruby Tuesday’s for one more beer because it’s frightening out there. Oh, and if you haven't been reading it already, hop on over to the Mid week, my eldest daughter decided she was returning home after 7 months away. The only down side is it means hubby and I lose our office. So it's been a mad shuffle to clear out the office/bedroom and relocate all our officy-things back into the family room. Oh yeah - then right in the middle of shifting stuff, my hubby announces he is going to redecorate the front room.

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