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Recently my son’s football coach at school was fired after two years of coaching the team to the state Class 1A state final for those two consecutive seasons (Class 1A……we’re kinda small). No sexual misconduct, no abuse of the kids, no slander, harassment, or surfing of porn on the web. Son (to wish him luck with his exam today - last day of school today, what are they THINKING??? So, not a mall, but I do love visiitng Freo because it reminds me of shopping in England!!

Step 1 – Find someone that has a sense of humor as sick as yours. Step 3 – Tell them the front of the mall is unacceptable and you’ll meet at Ruby Tuesday’s because they serve beer before noon. roast beef and Yorkshire pudding Two Places I’d rather be right now:1. So as it's been a while since I posted pics, I thought I'd indulge myself. Unfortunately I couldn't find any nekkid ones, but these ones are pretty good.

It looked like a huge disgusting maggot and although it tasted very yummy I've never quite got over the trauma of that sight. It's a wonder I don't look like one with the amount I consume in any given week... My fave place for breakfast (and takeaway latte at ANY time of day) is Dome by the foreshore, but for our daughter's 21st we went to the and the food was yummy. Best Shopping Mall Fremantle is one of the best preserved 19th century port cities in the world, with narrow side roads and cobbled pavements, town square and markets.