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Once you’ve noticed signs of a potential disease, you’ll want to put the sick goldfish into a hospital tank as soon as possible so that other fish in the same tank don’t get infected.

This will make it easier later to determine what caused the goldfish disease and how to treat your sick goldfish.This makes it even more important to have a medication like this on hand and treat goldfish disease symptoms quickly.There are two types of goldfish diseases: those that are contagious and those that aren’t.Even if the infection isn’t contagious, you should still put your goldfish in a “hospital tank,” a smaller tank separated from the other fish, so that your goldfish can recuperate without being stressed out.

Separating infected goldfish prevents your healthy fish from receiving medication they don’t need (what is called being “over-medicated”).It’s always a good practice to watch your goldfish on a daily basis for signs of abnormal behavior or growths.