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Because of Daphne's mood swings, Niles tries to keep his meeting secret, which fails when the boyfriend shows up at a fake baby shower and punches Frasier.

Frasier's first day back in private practice goes less smoothly than he hoped. The press goes wild when they find out that Niles inadvertently loaned her the crossbow that was used as the murder weapon.

The LA Symphony associate has graduated from ‘clueless’ on his last album, to ‘dating your sister’ on this one. Pigeon John may have just gained the dubious distinction of being labeled one of hip-hop’s primary “emo-rappers” in Spin, but I still don’t think the term fits.

If anything, PJ should be labeled as honest-rap since he doesn’t sugar coat anything he says, for better or worse.

Niles slowly goes to pieces under the unrelenting media scrutiny and Daphne's anger.

Lilith is in town for a psychiatric conference, and Frasier reluctantly assumes his obligation to meet with her.

[Verse One] I have to tell the truth I have a weakness for women In every state Wherever I go Oh boy I know it isn't right I feel I'm barely swimming And the waves keep on crashing down After every show Oh boy And what am I to do now Where the hell is my crew now Supposed to be watching my back But they're jibbing too And here she stands before me And I'm trying to ignore thee Possible chance of doing wrong And now I sing my song [Hook] What is love And am I in it?

See I really like this girl And I, and I think I should But what i feel Is there something in it?

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With a namesake of a rat with wings, you have to assume that Pigeon John is not bringing your average perspective to hip-hop.Frasier inadvertently eavesdrops on Ronee making a date with another man.

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