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16-Sep-2019 23:54

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If you've got some money to burn and you insist on keeping your film safe and stylish at the same time, design firm RAMA WORKS has something for you.

It's called, simply enough, the RAMA WORKS film canister, and it's probably the coolest, most expensive way to carry around your rolls of film.

There, text specifically refers to "telephoto" images having "dimensions 4656×3496, 4656×3492 or 2328×1748." Pictures that size would presumably come from a 16MP sensor.

Of course, that's just one interpretation of this find, and even if there is software in place for this kind of camera hardware, that doesn't necessarily mean it will match what we get from Google's next smartphones.

Landscape photographer Mark Denney recently stumbled across an old folder full of "favorite" images from a few years back.

At first, he was just enjoying seeing the progressed he'd made over the years, but then he noticed something: "As I reviewed these images, I noticed the same three compositional mistakes repeated over and over." Are you looking for an affordable but also electronic macro lens?

The S1H has gone to town with new features designed to match most filmmakers needs.

Roger Cicala over at Lens Rentals has been doing extensive MTF tests on lenses to figure out the landscape of optical quality in the camera industry.

One of his latest findings may be a surprise to many: the best 35mm lens on the market optically is one made by Tamron.

Our friends over at XDA did some digging through the leaked Camera v6.3 APK and found some changes to Super Res Zoom, codenamed internally by Google as "sabre." Compared to v6.2, there are several new items: a "SABRE_UNZOOMED_TELEPHOTO" field and some new camera sensor IDs.

Those camera IDs include "front IR," "front regular," "front wide," "rear regular," and "rear telephoto" sensors.

Over the last few years, there have been some infamous incidents of airports being shut down and flights grounded because a camera drone was spotted nearby.

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