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And finally these records can be tested by using the Windows nslookup command.

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Of the records listed at IANA, some have limited use, for various reasons.Since the early 1990s, however, this record more often carries machine-readable data, such as specified by RFC 1464, opportunistic encryption, Sender Policy Framework, DKIM, DMARC, DNS-SD, etc.Other types of records simply provide some types of information (for example, an HINFO record gives a description of the type of computer/OS a host uses), or others return data used in experimental features.Some are marked obsolete in the list, some are for very obscure services, some are for older versions of services, and some have special notes saying they are "not right".

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MB, MG, MR, and MINFO are records to publish subscriber mailing lists.As a starting point, the Server Manager dashboard is used, but any method can be used to access the DNS Manager.