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Along with that announcement, comes the "Spring Has Sprung Reload Bonus." All that, and a funny phone call I just had with a telemarketer, poor guy, lol...

Top and renowned name of the Poker world were fairly present there to celebrate and bestow the blessing upon the newly married couple.

Jenifer Harman, Mike Matusow, Ted Forrest, Chan Giang, Eli Elezrea were some of the guests to witness Negreanu’s marriage to Lori Lin Weber, in which, Erick Lindgren was the best man.

For the time being she is not linked with any alleged boyfriends and have no any data of further relationship.

According to some sources, the astonishingly beautiful blonde, Lori Lin Weber is possibly single.

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There's that, and a whole bunch of other random thoughts in this blog including homosexuality, Paula Abdul, and a major issue with the WPT...

Following the 30 year-old’s victory at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Alaei now boasts 4 career WSOP bracelets, to go with the ,354,445 he has amassed from live tournaments.

Commenting later on his remarkable accomplishment, Daniel Alaei said: “It feels great to win. It’s nice to get this one, especially since I do not play as many as I used to.

It looks like after divorcing Daniel Negreanu, she lost faith in all men and preferred to stay away from them.

Lori tends to stay away from the media limelight, plus she neither have any social media accounts.If you truly want to normalize something, you need to get rid of the notion that it is offensive or wrong for comedians to joke about it. If you let someone pick another player in this spot, where do you draw the line? If it’s not in the rules prior to the draft, I think it’s outrageous to let the Luck owner repick A poker room in a Vegas casino takes up a lot of space.