Problems with carbon dating answers in genesis

02-Jul-2020 08:59

I certainly don't believe that God progressively created anything.

God created the universe by the Word of His mouth (2nd Peter 3:5).

The word created only appears in Genesis 1:1 and not again until Genesis .

Even without having the advantage of the Hebrew language available, anyone can see that the word created is not mentioned again after Genesis 1:1 until the 5th day of creation in Genesis when He created the whales and beasts.

In fact, the authors of the article (in my opinion) have deliberately limited their rebuttal of an old earth view to these three false doctrines in a malicious attempt to discredit ALL Christians who hold to an old-earth view.

"As a Christian, do you clearly understand why young-earth creationists believe that a billions-of-years-old earth is incompatible with the Bible? Yet, there are major theological problems with positions that reject the literal six-day creation week of Genesis 1-2." First, most Christians who hold to an old-earth view DON'T reject the literal six-day creation week of Genesis 1-2.

That is a false allegation by Answers In Genesis (AIG).

Before man's creation, earth's animal world is subjected to violent earthquakes, lethal floods, deadly hurricanes, massive extinctions, vicious predators, and pestilence.

In this 'progressive creation' view, the Creator does not choose to make this brutal and sickening scene as short as possible; rather, it is supposedly extended for millions or even billions of years prior to man's creation.The heretics at Answers In Genesis (AIG) and Creation Science Evangelism (CSE, where Paul Taylor now works) are dishonest, unscholarly, and prey upon the naivety and ignorance of Christian believers who are not yet Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith (Colossians 2:7).

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