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10-Jul-2020 09:02

In one conversation, a really attractive white co-worker of mine told me she's been with guys of every race except for Asians cause no Asian guys have ever approached her.

The only time an Asian guy have approached her at the bar was to try to talk to her Asian looking friend.

Lol, this attitude is more obnoxious than any amount of complaining.

Look, it's statistically demonstrable that Asian men, on average, have a much harder time dating than pretty much any other racialized group of men or women.

Being asian, nothing we can do about our race or height or looks. Learn to read, learn to be social and charming, go to the gym, get new hobbies, dress well, and most importantly, approach women.

I get rejected TONS but i still keep pushing and i have slept with many beautiful women, whether it be white, asian, latina, and hell even pakistani.

While it is tougher for asian guys than white, a lot of my fellow asian men just chalk it up to them not getting laid because they’re asian.

How about you stop complaining and do something to make yourself desirable?

Lol I don't suffer from a particular problem, therefore people that do should suffer from it are wrong to have the feelings that they do.

As a guy I don't want to use the word toxic but man those 2 asian subreddit are not a place I want to hang around. It is true we asian men do have it tougher than white men (im not going to compare asians to other non-other races, im sure they go through their own difficulties), a lot of these guys just don’t want to look deeper into themselves instead, they’re being lazy about it.

It seem like they just operate in a small corridor of what is it been to be Asian in living in western world and if you don't meet that definition they won't accept you. Maybe it might just be the guy’s looks, or lack of personality, out of shape, short (while i think it sucks that short guys get stigmatized by a lot of women, this is unfortunately the reality), etc.

Because of this, she always thought Asian guys only like Asian girls and thought Asian guys don't find white girls attractive.

In the end..you take care of yourself, is social, and is confident, you can get girls of any race. Assumptions play an unfortunate big role in human interactions, and often people assume someone is only interested in dating within their own race(s).To start off, i’m 30 year old korean men living in nyc.

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